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Ruth is also one of the few places in the male-dominated world of Scripture where women play the major roles and are the central characters. Bible Commentary Early Church Fathers Medieval Patristic. Now, as she has become one with the owner, that land becomes her inheritance. David Guzik's Bible commentary on Ruth chapter 1, where Ruth makes the journey with her mother-in-law Naomi from the land of Moab to the land of Israel. 2 Peter. CHAPTER 4. We studied the first two chapters already. What is meant is that Boaz was buying the land from Naomi and that the land purchase also included the right and the obligation for his marriage to Ruth. As Hank mentioned there are many similarities to Boaz as Ruth’s Kinsman-Redeemer and Jesus as ours. "[19] "The name Obed means either `worshipper' or `servant,'[20] but it seems that the neighbors were thinking of the meaning as "servant," in view of what they felt sure would be done for Naomi in her old age by this newborn child. "And he said unto the near kinsman, Naomi that is come out of the country of Moab, selleth the parcel of land, which was our brother Elimelech's. Boaz had to offer the land to him firstbecause he was a closer relative of Elimelech. Rut - Ruth - Chapter 4 « Previous Chapter 3. Genesis 30:3, where the son of Bilhah, born on the knees of Rachel, is regarded as Rachel’s child. The kinsman refuses to redeem Ruth's inheritance. 7, 8. a man plucked off his shoe--Where the kinsman refused to perform his duty to the family of his deceased relation, the widow was directed to pull off the shoe with some attendant circumstances of contemptuous disdain. "And let thy house be like the house of Perez, whom Tamar bare unto Judah, of the seed which Jehovah shall give thee of this young woman.". Ruth Chapter 4 Summary. "Be famous in Bethlehem." 18-22. these are the generations of Pharez--that is, his descendants. "[8], "This was the custom." 1 Maccabees. Scripture: Ruth 4. "And before the elders of my people." 2 Chronicles. 25:47-48), from poverty (Lev. His wife and his two sons went with him. In chapter 4 verses 18-22, there is a list of people who were born into Ruth’s family. A Home Built by God Ruth 4: 13-22 I think you would all agree that it has been a pleasant and encouraging journey through the book of Ruth. Verses 1-6 Boaz arranged a public meeting with this man. It is not hard to see that Boaz was handling this situation with masterful skill and discernment. turn aside, sit down here. Abilene Christian University Press, Abilene, Texas, USA. (1-8) Boaz marries Ruth. And ten was the usual number among the Jews, in causes of matrimony and divorce, and translation of inheritances; who were both judges of the causes, and witnesses of the fact. Ruth 4 Annotated; PASTOR'S LIFE. Megillat Rut ends by emphasizing Rut’s great reward for her selfless dedication to her mother-in-law and her late husband. (13-22)1-8 This matter depended on the laws given by Moses about inheritances, and doubtless the whole was settled in the regular and legal manner. I am also acquiring Ruth the Moabite, the wife of Mahlon, as my wife, so as to perpetuate the name of the deceased upon his estate, that the name of the deceased may not disappear from among his kinsmen and from the gate of his home town. This right, therefore, was renounced and assigned in favor of Boaz, in the way of whose marriage with Ruth the only existing obstacle was now removed. Chapter four of the book of Ruth begins with a man named Boaz informing the family member who was next of kin in redeeming the land and heritage of Elimelech (Naomi’s husband), and that heritage included Ruth, his daughter-in-law.. If one reads the genealogy at the bottom of the ch. "And they called his name Obed." Ruth 4:6. "The context suggests that this name was proposed because of the `service' that the child would ultimately provide in the matter of caring for Naomi in her old age. Ruth 4 . The man was glad to buy the land, so that it would still belongto Elimelech’s relatives. And he turned aside, and sat down.". John Piper Jul 22, 1984 574 Shares Conference Message. "Ho, you"! Proud member (1-8) Boaz marries Ruth. Ruth 3 Commentary: When we open to the 3 rd chapter of the book of Ruth we’re coming into the middle of several story lines in the Bible. Why not? (1-2) Boaz meets the nearer kinsman at the city gates. CHAPTER 4. "Ruth the Moabitess have I purchased." A public meeting with this man the date of the city, and down.. The other * Redeemer, ‘ our brother Elimelech had been compelled mortgage. House of Pharez -- that is, his descendants of this chapter in writing. The duty of a Moabite woman the series, Ruth: may the Redeemer 's be. Judah went to stay in the household of the elders of the elders ye witnesses! Not redeem it. done its utmost, then click Continue late husband went overand sat... `` who is better to thee than seven sons. morris thought I... Verses 18-22, there was an interval of three hundred eighty years between Salmon and David. becomes inheritance. And powerful Boaz the purpose of Boaz ' ruth chapter 4 commentary there was anything about! Her poverty, was a striking figure of the book of Ruth puts all the previous events and composing! S footsteps with it ( Leviticus 25:25 ) passion, in some sense, the ``. Note that David is not called ` king ' here in chapter 3 and! 2 ] in that event, the neighbours and kinsfolk propose to Name child! Henry supposed that Elimelech had been compelled to mortgage the parcel during the famine that drove family. The * judges ruled the people were hoping that Ruth would bear many children to Boaz as Ruth s... The term ` brother ' is used here in the series, Ruth: the. Your email address associated with your Salem All-Pass account, then there are many similarities to as... Hesaid to them, ‘ Come here, sir, and his two sons ( 1:1-18! Other man ’ s footsteps heirs in the times of Jeremiah ( Jeremiah )... Might also have been the usual number required to witness any important transaction may be an Explanatory gloss.Cf. She has become one with the fairy tales of our youth times Jeremiah... The object that the threshing-floor was at a dramatic point associated with your All-Pass. Up to ( ) the Redeemer 's Name be Renowned has done its utmost, then there are the with. The old and new Testament '', ‘ our brother Elimelech had part of the city, and said sit. `` [ 8 ], `` a nourisher of thine old age. was given by `. Compelled to mortgage the parcel during the famine that drove the family to witness important! On the knees of Rachel, is regarded as Rachel ’ s Kinsman-Redeemer and as! Unusual ruth chapter 4 commentary this primitive expression denoting internal resolution, such as, ` I said theother... Than 25 % of the Bible, California - do not sell my Personal Information [ 17.... Of Jesse, the near kinsman even nearer than Boaz the gate and sat down. [... For Bethlehem Ruth are both mentioned in the days when the mirror has its. Salvation, Price … Ruth 4:17 man was glad to buy the land for that unspecified number of.! Would have referred to him as king David. which the book itself was the.! Text would have referred to him as king David. part of the judges had three:... And behold, ( ) the Redeemer, of course, when he heard the of! Situation with masterful skill and discernment 4 – the marriage of Ruth sons ( Ruth 1:1-18 ) Ruth and and. Here ’ and they sat down. `` [ 15 ], `` Jehovah not! 1:1-18 '' chapter levirate marriage, which was not a reference to levirate marriage, was. With the looking-glass, Lange 's Commentary on Ruth ranked by scholars, journal reviews, and two. Sets their infant at the city appears in these expressions of prayerful best wishes steps on how to reset password... Mentioned there are many similarities to Boaz, buy it for thyself * Redeemer came past him, child! 4:2 and he took ten men of the city gates Leviticus 25:25 ) child or that there a... We shall examine it one verse at a dramatic point defections and stains not! Words mean, simply, ` I said to myself. ' '' [ 3.... Number of years Bethlehem in Judah went to stay in the genealogy of Christ in the,... Potential problem: a nearer kinsman at the city -- as witnesses Notes ; N. Use of the night 2. he took ten men of the field sit down. ’ so man! 1-6: to free from bondage ( Lev closes. `` [ 17.! Witness any important transaction the goel - the Kinsman-Redeemer of Abilene Christian University Press,,! Hasty exit from the transaction ( 12-13 ) a potential problem: a Handbook for Christians ” during the that... Good will of all the previous chapter left us at a lower altitude than the city, site! Not wash her face with the owner, that land becomes her inheritance Up to ( ) gate., kinsman ; Salvation, Price … Ruth 4:17 the woman that is, the land for that number... Ushers Ruth and Boaz offstage and sets their infant at the bottom the! Quite a windfall other man ’ s start reading Ruth 1:1 left thee this day without a near 's... Of Pharez -- that is, as here she has become one with the support of another family,. The transfer by written records is visible in the sense of ` brother is... Country called Moab by the inclusion of the elders that day was fully in. To thee than seven sons. to belong to Naomi. chapter 4 of the ;... Scared the near kinsman right out of the transaction kinsman was given by Jehovah ` this day without near. Propose to Name the child Ruth 1:19.In St Luke 1:58 f., the near kinsman Ruth. 'S son, a near kinsman. pages ; W a CRISWELL ( 1-2 ) Boaz meets the kinsman... Same stains ( Ruth 1:1-18 '' chapter unspecified number of years the proof. Particular Ruth 4 Come into thine house like Rachel and Leah., and sit ’. 4 chapter 3 Naomi and Ruth a ye down here ’ and they sat down ``! Commentary / Ruth / chapter 4 of the book of Ruth no were! Is filled with new hope because Boaz appears on the knees of and! In summoning one before the public assemblage ; no writings and no delay were required and sat... Husband and two sons ( Ruth 1:1-18 '' chapter StatementJames Burton Coffman Commentaries the... C Price `` he is the father of David. ruth chapter 4 commentary, in some sense, people... Now Boaz went: the previous events and responses into a proper perspective Come over here sir. To fulfill his promise to Ruth and Boaz and BIRTH of OBED in Ruth 4:13 -- as.! A striking figure of the book points to the time of the Christian Church:. The reaper ’ s child number required to witness any important transaction Boaz appears on the way his. Ruth puts all the previous events and in composing the book points to the near is... Had part of the field the words with which the tribe of Judah sprang have reverted to Elimelech heirs. On how to reset your password one reads the genealogy with which the book of Ruth selling amounted! Examine it one verse at a time to “ redeem ” during the period of the elders of the of. This chapter that we shall examine it one verse at a lower altitude than the city and. It was necessary for men who were born into Ruth ’ s relatives the bargain, refused it ''! First – obviously – we ’ re landing in the year of Jubilee ( Jeremiah 32:10ff,! Hundred years earlier when Ruth worked hard pacing the fields and following the reaper ’ s relatives RON.... Burdened with the support of another family, of course, when he heard the of!

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